A woman who was struck by an out-of-control driver in a neighborhood outside of Richmond, Virginia (VA), died from her injuries a week after the collision. The pedestrian crash that would prove fatal happened on Kings Charter Drive in Mechanicsville just before 6:30 am on February 27, 2018.



According to Hanover County law enforcement officials, the driver of a Dodge Caliber who was head south on Kings Charter Drive crossed all the way over to the north shoulder near the intersection of Stephens Manor Drive and struck the pedestrian. The injured woman was taken to a local hospital, where she passed away on March 7.

Authorities have not yet filed charges against the driver, and they continue to investigate. Anyone who witnessed the collision is being asked to share what they saw by calling the Hanover Sheriff’s Office at (804) 365-6140 or Metro Richmond Crime Stoppers at (804) 780-1000.

The family of the pedestrian who lost her life will need evidence of the driver’s negligence or recklessness in order to succeed with a wrongful death insurance claim or civil lawsuit. Causes of crashes like this one in Mechanicsville can include driver distraction, speeding around a curve or bad equipment like worn tires and faulty brakes. Even if the driver who hit the pedestrian suffered a medical incident behind the wheel, the person could still be liable if he or she knew poor health made driving dangerous.

As Virginia personal lawyers and wrongful death attorneys who have helped many families who lost loved ones to careless drivers, we know that pedestrians have few protections other than the respect and care of drivers. Proving this, the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles recorded 1,608 crashes involving pedestrians during 2017. Those wrecks resulted in injuries to 1,571 pedestrians and left 114 pedestrians dead.

To prevent such tragic outcomes, AAA asks all drivers to follow these safety practices:


  • Look out for pedestrians at all times. When you are operating a vehicle, you have accepted a heightened responsibility for other people on the road. Safety is a two-way street. Often, pedestrians — especially younger ones — are not where they should be or where you would expect them to be. Remain vigilant at all times.
  • Follow posted speed limits at all times, especially in areas of heavy pedestrian traffic. This is even more important in areas that have lower speed limits, such as school zones and neighborhood streets where pedestrians may appear suddenly.