Most Common Driving Mistakes That Lead To Virginia Car Accidents

Virginia car accidents take place all across the state each and every day. The really unfortunate thing about this is that most of these accidents could have easily been prevented if the drivers involved had avoided some common driving errors. The National Safety Council reported that roughly 40,000 people were killed in car accidents nationwide in 2018; a statistic that has remained widely unchanged for the past four years.

To avoid a serious accident, there are a few common driving mistakes you need to be aware of that could potentially put other drivers, your passengers, and you in harm’s way. Once you make it a habit to be aware of these mistakes, it becomes a lot easier to correct them.

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Distracted Driving

hit and run accidentDriving while distracted is the number one common driving mistake in modern society. From obsessively checking social media accounts to trying to get that last french fry out of the bag, distracted driving causes more serious car accidents than any other negligent driving behavior. Many studies show that teenagers are involved in more distracted driving crashes than any other age group. The most common types of distracted driving accidents are rear-end collisions and striking a fixed object.  

When you drive, your full focus should be on the roadway and the vehicles around you. In 2017, a publication issued by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration revealed that almost 3,200 people died that year alone due to distracted driving. When you take your eyes off the roadway, even for a few seconds, you can easily run into other cars, veer into another lane, or run off the road entirely. 


Speeding is the second most common cause of car accidents on Virginia roadways. Everyone has been tempted to speed when they are running late, but making up that time by driving dangerously fast just isn’t worth it. At best you will get a ticket and at worst you could cause a terrible accident.  

Always obey the speed limit until you reach your destination. Never try to outrun another driver or participate in drag racing as both of these can have fatal consequences. Take advantage of your car’s cruise control feature to help you maintain an appropriate speed.

Drowsy Driving

When you don’t get a decent night’s sleep, you feel tired and sluggish. Overly tired drivers also exhibit severely delayed reaction times. The United States Department of Transportation stated that a driver who is fatigued is roughly 98% more likely to make a mistake behind the wheel than a driver who got ample sleep the previous night.  

If you are feeling drowsy, don’t drive at highway speeds or for long distances. This is a frequent cause of accidents among long-haul truckers who go without sleep because they are under immense pressure to meet strict delivery times.  

If you are feeling tired and absolutely have to drive, take a nap before getting behind the wheel. You could also take public transportation, use a rideshare service, or ask someone else to drive you.

Were You Injured in a Virginia Car Accident?

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