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What Happened:

A jury in Hertford County, NC recently handed down what is likely the largest medical malpractice award in the county’s history. In the case, the estate of John Henry Perry won $4 million after a lawsuit was filed by Perry’s niece, Bonita Smith Ellis. The lawsuit was filed against Onward Healthcare, Inc. and against Dr. Michael Alston.

The suit revolved around her uncle being admitted to the Northside Behavioral Health Services center in Ahoskie, NC. At the time of his admittance, Perry had a history of diabetes, something that was not properly cared for. Dr. Alston ordered Perry to receive a large amount of insulin, 60 units, before bed one night and another dose four times the next day. After Perry received the initial dosage, he awoke the next morning with a blood sugar level of 27, dangerously low, which led to a hypoglycemic episode. The episode was caused due to an insulin overdose. Perry remained in a diabetic coma from that day until he died two weeks later.

Perry’s niece filed suit saying that the nurse on duty, a contractor of Onward Healthcare, failed to communicate the severity of Perry’s condition to Dr. Alston. The suit claimed that Onward Healthcare was liable for the negligent acts and omissions of the nurse. Dr. Alston was sued for failing to properly care for and supervise the treatment of Perry.

The jury agreed, saying Perry’s death was proximately caused by the negligence of the nurse and Dr. Alston and awarded the niece $4 million for their actions.

The North Carolina Injury Attorney’s Perspective:

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