A witness to the wreck that killed an 18-year-old Mooresville, North Carolina (NC) girl who was sitting in the front passenger seat of a Ford pickup said a tractor-trailer appeared to play a role in the crash. The girl’s twin sister who was driving the pickup was also injured in the wreck on Interstate 77 in North Carolina, according to the charlotteobserver.com.

The witness was driving south on I-77 toward Birkdale, NC, when she saw an 18-wheeler driving next to a white pickup in the northbound lanes. She said the big rig swerved into the pickup’s lane, causing the pickup to swerve, hit a guardrail, and flip.

The NC Highway Patrol was still investigating the car accident. The trooper, who responded to the wreck, said the girl driving the Ford pickup crashed near mile marker 32, about a mile south of Mooresville. The trooper suspected the pickup driver was attempting to change lanes and overcorrected when she realized there was a car in the lane. He did not mention anything about the involvement of a tractor trailer.

The witness, the wife of a NASCAR driver, said she was certain the tractor trailer played a role in the wreck, but couldn’t see whether the two trucks made contact. The witness was a nationally certified medic of 19 years who specialized in trauma. As she witnessed the accident, she stopped her car to assist in stopping traffic to allow access for an ambulance. Fuel spilled from the girl’s truck, making it difficult to gain access until firefighters sprayed water on the spill to prevent fire.

The pickup driver was airlifted to Carolinas Medical Center. The twins recently graduated from SouthLake Christian Academy in Huntersville, NC. The twin who died at the scene played basketball, and received a “Heart and Hustle” award during her senior year. She was known to be full of joy, and planned to attend High Point University to study business.

If the NC accident was the fault of anyone, the family members of the twins might have to file a wrongful death case with the assistance of North Carolina personal injury lawyers against the responsible parties. The death of a loved one is a life-changing event that may never fully be put in the past.

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