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Passenger Killed in Accident in Wingate, NC

A car was apparently being driven at more than 90 mph when it left Monroe-Ansonville Road in Wingate, North Carolina (NC), crossed an auto body shop parking lot and slammed into a parked flatbed tow truck at around 3 am on April 20, 2012.
According to WCNC, the passenger in the car was killed in the accident and te at-fault driver fled the scene and hid in a nearby field. Police found the driver after 5 am and charged him with involuntary manslaughter.

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This type of accident can make a person’s blood boil. A man who was just riding in a vehicle being driven recklessly is no longer with us through no fault of his own. And after the crash, the driver didn’t even have the decency to tend to the passenger. No, the driver decided to put themselves first and fled the scene hoping to evade responsibility.

Our condolencest go out to the victim’s family, who should consider speaking with a wrongful death attorney in North Carolina. Given the circumstances surrounding the passenger’s untimely death, the family may have grounds to take legal action through a wrongful death claim

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