Pedestrian Killed While Crossing Street in Virginia Beach | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

In the early morning hours of Thursday, May 6th, Travis Jay Wilson decided to cross 22nd Street in Virginia Beach, Virginia (VA). Tragically, he would never make it to the other side. A car traveling westbound on 22nd street hit Mr. Wilson resulting in his death. He was only 34 years old.

View Larger Map is reporting that alcohol may have played a factor in this Oceanfront accident, but there needs to be further investigation into this issue. There is a vast difference between someone drinking a beer and someone being intoxicated, but in both instances you can say alcohol may have played a factor.

 The WAVY article generated many comments from Virginia Beach residents:

“People fly down 22nd street…even though the speed limit is 25-35 mph. There are never cops on that road when the bars get out…”

“Drivers DO NOT watch for people walking. It seems to me that the driver was going TOO FAST ! WHY was Travis shoe in the middle of the crosswalk if he wasn’t walking in the crosswalk?”

Given the feedback generated by this recent crossing accident, there continues to be an issue with pedestrian safety when crossing streets in Virginia Beach. Our firm has written about these risks and handled cases involving injured pedestrians.

For example, we represented two clients who were crossing Atlantic Avenue in the crosswalk at 23rd Street. They had successfully crossed the two southbound lanes and the first northbound lane when they were hit by a car. Our clients suffered fractures of the right tibia and fibula. We were able to reach a successful settlement that ensured our client’s medical expenses were fully covered, in addition to pain and suffering.

The accident on 22nd street is very different since the pedestrian, Mr. Wilson, was killed. Unfortunately, this is not out of the ordinary in Va. Beach. It was just two weeks ago that a school teacher was killed trying to cross Shore Drive. In fact, ten people have died trying to cross that road in the last eight years, according to the Virginian-Pilot.