Putnam General Considered Hiding John King’s Medical Malpractice Record | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

The West Virginia Gazette reports shocking new evidence in the John King medical malpractice story. Court documents have revealed that the Putnam General Hospital in Charleston, West Virginia considered making a deal with King in order to get him to quietly resign from the hospital.

The deal included restoring surgical privileges to the doctor who racked up 124 medical malpractice lawsuits in just over a year at the medical facility. Another part of the deal stated that the hospital would not release his terribly negligent and horrifying record.

Copland wrote that Putnam General “would be willing to consider an agreement in which it provided no details not authorized by Dr. King, except in cases where it was legally mandated to do so.”

King was suspended at the hospital after a candid peer review that characterized King as a snake-oil salesman and a criminal.

The letter was secret until the present court case, in which King is suing one of his own lawyers. King has a history of medical malpractice as well as a history of suing the hospitals that suspend him.