If you’ve suffered injuries in a Virginia car accident, you may be wondering if you need a personal injury attorney to advocate for you or if you can handle your case yourself. While not every accident requires professional legal assistance, an attorney can help make sure that you are fully compensated for your injuries. The following are some of the key reasons why many victims turn to an attorney for help.

Case Valuation

One of the most important things your personal injury attorney can do is value your case. He or she can help you develop an understanding of you how much you should be able to collect for your injuries. This is a complicated calculation as no two cases are the same. Not only will your current medical expenses be calculated, but your attorney will also estimate any future medical treatment you might require and include that in the final amount of damages you are entitled to.

Your attorney will also look at your job and if the severity of your injuries will have any impact on your potential earning capacity. You are also entitled to damages for pain and suffering.

There are other damages you may also be entitled to based on the circumstances of your case.

Insurance Companies and Experts

Your attorney will also be able to negotiate with the insurance company. Because a personal injury lawyer knows how much your case is worth and knows how much it will cost to take your case to trial, they will also know what a fair settlement amount is. The insurance company has lawyers, and you should too.

Finally, an attorney will have a network of expert witnesses that could be required if your case goes to trial. Doctors, accident reconstructionists, and economists are among the experts that are typically called to testify in a vehicle accident case.

When to Seek Professional Legal Help

You should consult with a lawyer if you have been in an accident that caused you or your loved one serious bodily injury. You should also contact an attorney if:

  • The accident has left you with medical expenses
  • The accident has taken you away from your job
  • The accident has damaged your ability to continue on your career path
  • You believe you will not make a full recovery
  • You now have scars or disfigurement
  • You have been left with mental or emotional difficulties
  • You rely on family for care and support
  • You believe the insurance company is not being fair to you

If you are unsure if your case requires legal representation, you should call a lawyer. Our firm offers free initial consultations so there is no obligation when you call.

Contingency Fee Arrangement

For most personal injury cases, attorneys work on a contingency fee basis. This means that clients do not pay unless and until they receive a settlement or a damage award by the court.

When an attorney accepts cases on a contingency fee basis, it usually means that they believe that your case will be successful. At our Virginia personal injury law firm, many accident victims come to us with little money to spend on legal fees. Without this contingency fee arrangement, they would not be able to be compensated for injuries that were not their fault. We believe that if someone else is at fault for your injuries, you should not be kept from recovering because you cannot afford to pay upfront legal fees.

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