Best NC car accident injury lawyersTwo drivers suffered serious injuries when their cars collided in Mount Airy, North Carolina (NC).  The wreck, which a state trooper described to the local newspaper as being “left front quarter-panel to left front quarter-panel,” occurred at a curve along Riverside Drive near the intersection with Crossingham Road.

The driver of the car that crossed the center line of the rural highway also known as NC 104, appears to have been speeding before drifting into the path of oncoming traffic.  One victim of the crash needed to be flown by hospital to the Wake Forest University medical center for lifesaving treatment.

Our North Carolina personal injury law firm knows from experience, that head-on collisions and wrecks often leave people with traumatic brain injuries, broken bones, spine and neck injuries, and even burns from the heat and friction created by rapidly deploying airbags.

A problem that needs to be addressed in light of this wreck is the tendency of drivers to take highway curves at unsafe speeds. This bad habit can become particularly pronounced on narrow rural routes that people use often without encountering many other cars or trucks. People can get too comfortable and inattentive when they get very familiar with certain roads and traffic patterns. The lesson a crash like one in Mount Airy teaches is that everyone needs to travel around curves under control and always be alert to unexpected dangers.