Two Car Crash in Asheboro, North Carolina Kills One Injures Another | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

A multi-car crash in Asheboro, North Carolina (NC)  that involved at  least two vehicles killed one person and injured another just the other day. The car accident was reported around 2:44 p.m. in the northbound lanes of the U.S. 220 bypass just past W. Presnell Street.  

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According to the NC Highway Patrol, the crash happened after a car driving along the Presnell exit hit the construction barrier. That is when a Chevy Prism lost control and crossed both lanes of Highway 220 and came to rest after hitting the guardrail. Investigators of the crash scene say a second car, a Porsche, crashed trying to avoid hitting the Prism. The driver of the Porsche cross over 220 and wrecked into a construction barrier.The person driving the Prism died at the scene of of the wreck. Investigations are under way in both crashes. North Carolina Highway Patrol has re-opened all lanes on Highway 220 North again.

In most cases NC DOT do a good job sectioning off areas of the road they are repairing or re-constructing, but in some cases In some cases roadway construction zones are inadequately prepared and many times left unsafe for motorists. We are not sure what happen in this case, but what we do know is that an innocent life has been lost and they surely will be missed by their loved ones. Our prayers go out to their family.

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