Best VA Beach Car AccidentsVA Beach Car Accident Synopsis: 

A two-car crash in front of the Atrium Hotel at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront sent at least four people to the hospital with injuries. According to Virginia State Police, the crash happened at 21st Street and Arctic Avenue. The impact of the car accident was so strong that one car flipped on its side.

Virginia Personal Injury Lawyer Perspective:

Car accidents are always scary, but when your car ends up flipped that can be especially traumatic.  The speed limit on the VA Beach oceanfront strip is very low, so one of the driver’s may have been exceeding the speed limit in order to gain enough force to put the other car on it’s side.  

The injured parties in this case may have a valid civil lawsuit case so they can receive financial compensation for their injuries. An experienced Virginia personal injury attorney should evaluate this case in order to see if financial damages can be recovered.

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