Whiplash Can Be Deadly | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

Many people think that whiplash is a relatively minor injury that can happen when someone is in a car accident. But a recent incident in India reveals just how dangerous whiplash can be.


A government official in India died after the car he was driving was struck by another vehicle, in what has been labeled a “minor accident.” Union minister Gopinath Munde, who was 64 years old, was rushed to the hospital, where he was later pronounced dead. Medical sources said that an ultrasound performed on Munde showed there was no internal bleeding and injuries to his chest are believed to have been caused by attempts to revive him. Doctors attempted to revive Munde for approximately 50 minutes after he arrived at the hospital. The cause of death was determined to be the result of injuries to the victim’s cervical spine, also known as whiplash.




Whiplash occurs when there is a sudden, jerking movement to the neck that causes ligaments and muscles to be stretched further than they are meant to go. Not only can this sudden jerking cause damage to a victim’s ligaments and muscles, but it can also damage discs, nerve roots, cervical muscles and intervertebral joints.  It is believed in Mude’s case, the impact of the crash caused his cervical bone to fracture, leaving the spinal cord and the area of the brain that controls a person’s breathing and heartbeat unprotected.

If you have been injured in a car crash and have symptoms of neck pain and stiffness, dizziness, and headaches, you may be suffering from whiplash and should seek medical treatment. More dangerous symptoms include fatigue, memory loss, nervousness, irritability and depression. Victims should also contact Virginia personal injury attorney to find out what compensation they may be entitled to for pain and loss.