A head-on collision on the interstate south of Winchester, Virginia (VA), left a wrong-way driver dead and an innocent victim recuperating in the hospital. The crash between a car and a pickup truck happened at around 12:30 pm on January 10, 2022.

Virginia State Police responded to the crash at mile marker 295 of I-81. Investigators determined that the man behind the wheel of car had entered the interstate going the wrong way and proceeded a short distance before running into the pickup.


The force of the collision sent the pickup off the side of the highway and into a guardrail. Emergency medical personnel transported the person in the pickup to Winchester Medical Center, where he was admitted with serious injuries.

The man driving the car also initially survived. He did, however, pass away later at a different hospital. State troopers continue investigating why he was heading into oncoming traffic on I-81.

Failing to Keep Right While Driving Leads to Nothing Good

As a traffic offense, wrong-way driving can be charged as a failure to keep right or as reckless driving. Even beyond any potential charges, a person wants to stay on the correct side of the road or highway because the outcomes of not doing that are often tragic.

Driving the wrong-way is always dangerous for both the wrong-way driver and for everyone else on the road. Traveling at interstate speeds raises the risks for crashing, suffering serious injuries and inflicting deaths because the faster vehicles move, the less time drivers have to stop, swerve or change lanes to avoid a collision.

Two of the worst things happened in this crash near the town of Strasburg in Shenandoah County. The at-fault driver died, and a person who was merely going about their normal business wound up hospitalized. A possibly long and painful recovery, as well as high medical bills, await the victim of the wrong-way driver.

The surviving crash victim does, however, have strong grounds for filing insurance claims. Even though the at-fault driver lost his life, his auto insurance policy will remain in effect until all valid claims are resolved. The injured person may also be able to seek reimbursement for medical costs under the uninsured or underinsured coverage provisions of their own auto insurance policy. Consulting with a Virginia personal injury attorney will clarify the legal options and, potentially, offer assistance with dealing with insurance companies.