$1.275 Million Settlement Reached in Heart Catheterization Wrongful Death Medical Malpractice Lawsuit - Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

Our law firm represented the estate of a young mother who died within hours of undergoing a heart catheterization procedure. The cause of death was identified as “cardiac difficulties.” The young mother’s death is truly heartbreaking since she leaves behind a husband and two children.

Virtually all other details associated with this case  are confidential. In accordance with the confidentiality agreement, the only particulars of the case which may be disclosed are as follows – the young mother developed serious decompensated congestive heart failure. As a result, she underwent a right heart catheterization and sustained vascular injuries, which led to severe bleeding, hemodynamic instability, and death.

Our law firm was able to negotiate a settlement of $1.275 million in favor of the statutory beneficiaries (i.e. the young mother’s husband and two kids). All other terms are confidential.

Important Information About Heart Catheterizations

Many times, heart catheterizations are conducted by the doctor going in through the jugular vein although there are other approaches that are sometimes used depending upon the presentation of the patient. Heart catheterizations are safely conducted every day in the United states and they are conducted safely by doctors who are careful, but if a physician is careless or violates the medical standards of care, this may create a devastating outcome for a patient because death can result from inadvertent puncture or laceration of a heart ventricle or any other part of the heart anatomy. 

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