$125,000 Settlement Secured for Client Who Suffered a Right Wrist Fracture, Cervical Strain & Lumbar Strain - Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

Our client, a young nursing student, was involved in a significant motor vehicle accident that occurred here in the City of Virginia Beach on September 20, 2019. Our client was on a break in between classes and on the way to pick up some coffee before her next class. Our client had a clear green light as she approached the intersection off Princess Anne Road, when without any warning the defendant driver completely disregarded his red light and crashed into our client. This crash occurred so quickly that our client had no time to react except to absorb the significant impact.

Our client was transported to Virginia Beach General Hospital Emergency Room complaining of back pain and right wrist pain. Following a medical workup and evaluation, she was diagnosed with a nondisplaced right wrist fracture and other soft tissue injuries. Our client was able to make a significant recovery without the need for any surgeries and incurred just over 30k in medical bills.


The insurance company never offered an amount that fairly compensated our client.  Mr. Washburn and his team quickly filed suit in Virginia Beach Circuit Court and initiated litigation.  As part of the litigation our client was going to have to give her deposition and tell her story about her injuries and how the crash affected her life.

As a personal injury attorney, it is of the utmost importance to be prepared. Mr. Washburn in preparing for the deposition of his client and the defendant worked tirelessly to be ready. The key aspect in this case was to prepare the client for her deposition. Mr. Washburn met several times with the client going over the facts and the medical care with the client. Mr. Washburn made sure the client went into her deposition confident in that she could discuss her accident and injuries. In fact, in a few meetings, Mr. Washburn would act as the defense attorney, and he would go through with the client a deposition. On the day of the deposition Mr. Washburn’s client knocked it out of the park.

Shortly after our client’s deposition we are able to maximize a top settlement offer of $125,000.00 on just over $30,000.00 in medical bills.  Our client was prepared and presented herself at her deposition as someone that would connect with a jury and that was able to articulate what she had gone through as a result of this accident and her injuries.  This very much allowed the insurance company to offer a settlement as opposed to risking going to trial.

Background Facts of Case

  • Court:  Virginia Beach Circuit Court
  • Settlement $125,000.00
  • Attorney:  Eric K. Washburn
  • Paralegal:  Heather Gomez