Botched Hysterectomy Leads to $750,000 Settlement | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

What Happened

Our medical malpractice client suffered serious injuries to both of her ureters during a robotically assisted laparoscopic hysterectomy. The surgeon burned one of the tubes that connects her kidneys to her bladder with a cauterizing tool and then put a stitch through the other ureter.

The surgical errors were only discovered in post-op when nurses noticed that the woman was not producing urine. As a short-term, but highly disruptive, solution, our medical malpractice client had nephrostomy tubes and bags installed to drain her kidneys. She wore the bags strapped to her legs.

Follow-up surgery to repair the woman’s damaged ureters could not be performed for several months.


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Key Legal Strategy

Our Virginia-based medical malpractice attorneys quickly accepted the injured woman’s request to help her hold the negligent surgeon accountable because they had extensive experience helping other victims of botched hysterectomies. Confidentiality agreements insisted upon by the surgeon who made the multiple errors and the medical malpractice insurance provider prevent us from sharing details about our legal strategy in this case. We can, however, proudly report that we secured a $750,000 settlement for the woman who spent months in needless pain and using nephrostomy tubes and bags.

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