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I was never knocked unconscious, or at least can’t be sure I was ever knocked out. I don’t even know if my head struck anything. Could I suffer from a brain injury/closed head injury?

It is well documented that brain injury, closed head injury, and concussion can occur without the skull striking any object, and brain injury is well documented in persons that were never knocked unconscious.Memory problems, slight behavior changes, and many other signs, can possibly indicate brain injury.  Please review our website discussions of brain injury cases and case results.  We have worked with top experts in the field and handled significant brain injury cases.  Call us for a free consultation.
About the editors: The motto at Shapiro & Appleton& Duffan law firm is simple -“All we do is injury law.” We hope you were able to find the answer to your injury query. If not, please review our Virginia Accident Lawyer FAQ Library for additional information. If you’d like to speak to an actual attorney about your potential injury claim for free, please contact our office at (833) 997-1774.

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I met with a personal injury lawyer about my head injury and they said I don’t have a case. If a lawyer doesn’t believe I can, or should, file a claim, does this mean I don’t have a case? Should I speak with another attorney?

Every attorney has a different opinion on whether someone has a case. A good piece of advice is to always get a second opinion. There are many reasons why an attorney might feel that you don’t have a case.  Sometimes the liability or fault is not favorable to you which makes recovery difficult or impossible. An honest lawyer will tell you that it would be better for you to handle a claim yourself if the injury is not permanent and you would spend more money on a lawyer than if you handled the claim yourself. When it comes to brain injury that is a severe impairment which does require a seasoned attorney. You should always get a second opinion on anything in life, medical advice, buying a car, and legal advice is no different. 

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