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What Are the Legal Options for Victims of Medication Errors?

Medication errors are a very serious form of medical malpractice. According to statistics provided by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the agency receives more than 100,000 reports each year about possible medication errors. These reports are filed by consumers, medical professionals, and even drug manufacturers. Studies confirm that people who are of lower socioeconomic…

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Insurance Tracking Devices vs. Lower Rates: Is the Discount Worth It?

Many insurance companies now offer lower rates for customers who basically give up personal information by installing “telematic devices” that track and monitor how the customer drives. If the customer is a safe and defensive driver, they are rewarded with lower rates on their insurance bills. Telematic devices are installed diagnostic port which is usually…

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The Long-Term Impact of Catastrophic Injuries

Any type of accident can cause personal injuries. The time it takes to recover from those injuries depends on the circumstances of the incident. Some injuries may sideline a victim for a few days or a week before they are able to resume normal activities, while other injuries are more serious and require extensive medical…

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