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Each and every year, more than 150,000 people are hit and injured while in a crosswalk or while on a sidewalk. If that was not bad enough, the number of pedestrians who lose their lives in these preventable crosswalk accidents is increasing. Pedestrian deaths as a percentage of total motor vehicle crash deaths rose from 11 percent in 2007 to 15 percent in 2015. The last time the percentage was that high was in 1990, according to WTOP. Even those pedestrians able to walk away from an accident are left with life-long pain and disability from their injuries.

Serious Bodily Injuries

Some of the most common injuries to pedestrians in crosswalk and street crossing accidents include fractures and head injuries. Pedestrians are also at a higher risk of being killed in a crash. One study found there were certain patterns of injuries that many pedestrians sustained. The research found that at least half of victims suffered injuries to their lower extremities. About 40 percent of pedestrian accident victims sustained injuries to their face, head, or neck. And 30 percent received injuries to their upper extremities. Many of the victims in the study had suffered multiple injuries.

Filing a Pedestrian Accident Injury Claim

Pedestrians who have been injured after being hit by a vehicle while in a crosswalk are entitled to file damages just like other car accident victims do. A victim can seek compensation for all the medical expenses their injuries have cost, such as emergency room treatment, surgeries, hospital stays, doctors’ visits, therapy, medical equipment or devices, medications, and travel expenses for medical treatment.
Many accident victims are unable to work while they are recovering from their injuries and lose income. A victim is entitled to recoup not only the amount they lost in income, but also be reimbursed for benefits they may have used while unable to work, such as vacation time, sick time, or personal time.
In addition to these economic damages, accident victims can also seek damages for the pain they endured from their injuries, the loss of enjoyment in their daily life, and emotional anguish.

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