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Motorcycle accidents reportedly account for close to 10 percent of all motor vehicle deaths. Motorcycle accident statistics compiled by the U.S. Department of Transportation indicate that someone operating a motorcycle is 16 times more likely to be killed in an accident than an occupant of an automobile. These motorcycle wreck statistics also reveal that motorcyclists are three times more likely to suffer injuries in an accident than occupants of other types of motor vehicles. More than half of all motorcycle fatalities also result from the motorcycle impacting another moving vehicle. In addition, around 90,000  motorcycle accident victims are fortunate enough to survive but often end up with serious, debilitating injuries which can have a devastating effect on a victim’s life.

Common Types of Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Head and Neck Injuries: Concussions, swelling of the brain, and brain damage are all common motorcycle accident injuries. Neck injuries can lead to paralysis;
Road Rash: Road rash from sliding on the pavement is not just a cut or scrape. This injury can lead to long-term or permanent skin infections or nerve damage;
Leg Injuries: Shattered or fractured bones in the leg, knees, ankles, or feet can not only be painful, but also require long-term rehab and therapy;
Muscle Damage: A blow to any part of the body caused by the impact of a crash can damage muscles, which again, could end up being permanent, depending on the severity of the accident; and
Biker’s Arm: Often during a motorcycle crash, the bike will fall onto the victim’s arm, which can cause damage to nerves in the arm.
These types of injuries can leave you damaged physically, emotionally, and financially. In many instances, victims involved in motorcyce wrecks are left with thousands of thousands in medical expenses and lost wages, in addition to the trauma and anguish associated with suffering a severe bodily injury. That is why it makes sense to take action. 

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