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Virginia Beach Ridesharing Injuries Attorney

Rideshare services like Uber and Lyft are ubiquitous names throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia. However, what happens if an accident involving these vehicles causes you or a loved one harm? At Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp, our team is here to help if you need a Virginia Beach accident attorney. We have extensive experience handling complex vehicle accident claims throughout Virginia, and we know what it takes to fully investigate these incidents to help you recover the compensation you need.

Why Choose Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp for a Rideshare Crash Claim?

  • The attorneys at Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp have more than 75 years of combined legal experience to bring to your side.
  • We handle only personal injury law cases, which has given us the insight necessary to handle cases involving recalcitrant companies.
  • We handle Virginia Beach rideshare accident cases on a contingency fee basis, which means that our attorneys will only collect legal fees after we recover compensation for our client.

Our team regularly secures major settlements on behalf of clients who sustain injuries caused by negligent drivers, including a $1,000,000 insurance settlement for a person who suffered a disabling foot, ankle, and leg injury caused by a driver who failed to yield the right of way.

How Will an Attorney Help a Rideshare Accident Case?

It is crucial to understand that rideshare accident cases must be handled differently than traditional vehicle accident claims. Uber and Lyft accidents often involve multiple parties, all of which will have their own insurance carrier and legal team to back them up.

A skilled Virginia Beach personal injury attorney will have your back. They will use their resources to fully investigate the claim, determine liability, and help you recover maximum compensation for your losses.

Do Rideshare Accidents Occur in Virginia Beach?

Many people think that rideshare drivers have more driving experience than others on the roadway. The reality is that rideshare drivers are just like the rest of us. They are regular people with regular driver’s licenses. They can get into accidents just like anyone else.

Data provided by the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles indicates that there were more than 105,000 total vehicle accidents across the Commonwealth of Virginia during the latest reporting year. Out of these incidents, there were 847 fatalities and nearly 53,000 injuries. While there is no exact data about how many of these accidents involved rideshare vehicles, we do know that Uber and Lyft crashes occur.

Who Pays Rideshare Accident Compensation?

Rideshare accident compensation works on a tiered basis if the Uber or Lyft driver is at fault for the incident. These tiers work on three basic levels:

  1. If a rideshare driver is not signed into their app to work when they cause an accident, then their personal insurance carrier is responsible for paying compensation to others involved.
  2. If a rideshare driver is signed into the app to work but does not have a passenger or is not on the way to pick one up when they cause an accident, their personal insurance carrier is still primarily responsible for paying compensation. Both Uber and Lyft will provide compensation if the personal carrier’s limits are exhausted or if they deny a claim.
  3. If a rideshare driver does have a passenger or is on the way to pick one up when an accident occurs, both Uber and Lyft have significant liability insurance policies that kick in to cover every party involved.

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If you or somebody you care about has been injured in an accident involving a rideshare vehicle, you need to speak to a skilled lawyer as soon as possible. At Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp, our team has the resources necessary to investigate complex vehicle accident claims. We also understand how insurance works when it comes to rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft. Let us help you untangle this complex accident claim so you can recover full compensation for your losses. This includes coverage of your medical bills, property damage expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering damages, and more. When you need a Virginia Beach rideshare injury attorney, you can contact us for a free consultation by filling out the contact form below or calling us at (833) 997-1774.