VA brain injury attorneysThe parents and family members of a boy left permanently paralyzed due to alleged malpractice by a doctor and staff at a Wisconsin (WI) hospital and clinic recently received some assurance and peace of mind that that the child can receive the intensive health care he needs for the rest of his life.

As VA brain injury attorneys we know that negligence and mistakes made by health care providers during labor and delivery may have caused the newborn to develop cerebral palsy. The boy, now 5 five years old, is a quadriplegic and may never overcome his brain injuries enough to be able to care for himself. While the defendants in the case admitted no wrongdoing, they did agree on November 10, 2010, to pay $6 million to cover past and ongoing medical expenses.

Caring for people with traumatic brain injuries incurs more than monetary costs, of course. The strain on families can be unbearable, but knowing that bills will be covered removes a significant source of stress. I’m pleased to know that the family of this young Wisconsin boy have one less thing to worry about.