Do I Need a Virginia Personal Injury Attorney in My Car Accident Case?

A Virginia personal injury attorney understands that the injuries from a car accident can be devastating. Brain injuries, fractured bones, spine injuries, and more, can also leave a victim with overwhelming medical bills, loss of income from being unable to work, vehicle repair bills, or even a totaled car, and more. Not only may a victim be unable to work, but they may also be so seriously injured that they are even unable to take care of their children or address the day-to-day responsibilities for their family and themselves that we tend to take for granted. While the physical impact of a car crash can be enormous, the financial impact can also take its toll.

When a victim is injured in a crash caused by another party, Virginia law allows that victim to seek financial compensation for the losses their injuries have caused them through a personal injury claim or lawsuit. In most cases, the claim is made against the at-fault driver’s insurance policy. While you would think this would be a fairly simple process, in most cases – especially where the victim has sustained substantial losses – the process is anything but. Insurance companies are in business to make money and any time they are required to pay out a claim, this cuts into that profit. This is why every car accident victim should seek the legal assistance of a Virginia car accident attorney for their case.

What Will an Attorney Do for You?

While the insurance company is looking to do all they can to minimize your claim – or deny it outright – your attorney will be looking to do all they can to maximize your claim. For example, one of the most expensive parts of a car accident claim is the medical bills. When a victim is negotiating with an insurance company without the help of a car accident attorney, they often overlook what their future medical bills may be, especially if their injury will require long-term care, and only focus on what their current medical bills are. Once you settle a case with the insurance company, their responsibility to you is done, so any future medical bills will be your responsibility if these expenses are not included in your settlement.

Your attorney is your legal advocate against the insurance company and is looking out for your best interests. Most car accident cases are resolved through settlements before they have to go through the litigation process. Your attorney will be the one negotiating with the insurance company, making sure they are negotiating in good faith. Should the insurance company fail to provide a fair and just settlement offer, your attorney will not hesitate to pursue damages in a car accident lawsuit.

Contact a Virginia Injury Lawyer

Car crash victims often suffer from injuries that require a long-term recovery process. This often involves high medical expenses, as well as lost wages from work, and pain and suffering. And it is not uncommon for victims to suffer life-long damage from these injuries.

Insurance companies will often try to pressure car crash victims to settle their claims quickly and for much less than what the victim deserves. That is why it is critical to contact a skilled Virginia car accident attorney immediately following a collision for advice and direction. Call Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp today to schedule a free and confidential consultation. For more information, download our free guide to car crash injuries in Virginia.