A truck collision can lead to significant financial and physical damages. Truck accident victims can sustain severe injuries and might not be able to carry out their day-to-day tasks. Though the ideal option for compensation for your pain and suffering is through a personal injury lawsuit, it also includes some complexities.

Your case will depend on the evidence you present in court to support your claim. Therefore, you need to obtain the vital records and documents to build an effective case for a truck accident. We will discuss the essential records you should get after a truck accident in Virginia.

Documents and Records that You Need to Obtain After an Accident in Virginia

You or your lawyer needs to obtain the following documents to support your claim.

Electronic Logging Device

Firstly, you need to obtain the electronic logging device in the truck. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, all commercial vehicles, including trucks, need to have an electronic logging device. This device records the hours that truck drivers have been operating on the road.

It can play a critical role in helping you prove that the driver violated rules and regulations set by the federal government. The law clearly outlines the driver’s responsibility to check it for any faults or issues that can lead to accidents.

Police Report

After an accident, law enforcement agencies will keep a record of all the events that led to the collision. The police report can play a critical role in proving that the driver was responsible for the accident. It is an unbiased and official document covering every aspect of the truck accident.

Also, insurance carriers prefer police reports over testimonies since they are more reliable. All parties involved in the accident will have their story about the events that took place and the person at fault. In such scenarios, the police report can give an impartial perspective of the accident.

Medical Records

Truck accidents can also lead to physical injuries requiring extensive treatment, like surgery. You can ask medical professionals who treated you to provide a copy of your medical records. Medical records such as diagnosis, reports, and treatment plans can help you get the compensation you deserve.

Your attorney can use the medical records to prove a link between the injuries and the truck collision. It can also show the severity of your injuries and the treatment you need to recover from them. The medical records might also help them find the vehicles’ position and its speed when the collision happened.

Truck Maintenance Logs

Finally, you need truck maintenance logs, which are mandatory for truck drivers and companies to keep. The truck drivers and companies need to perform a maintenance check to ensure that the truck operates fine.

These logs include information about any issues, malfunctions, or repairs the truck needs. Your attorney can use this information to prove that the truck was not in proper working condition, which led to the collision.

Getting Compensation for Your Injuries

Documents and records play a critical role in helping you get the compensation you deserve. You can use these documents to tell about the injuries and damages you sustained after a Virginia Beach truck accident.

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Dealing with legal matters after an injury can be challenging. Therefore, getting an experienced and professional attorney who can help you with your truck accident case is essential.