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Certain roads and intersections are usually more prone to accidents than others due to a variety of factors. Knowledge about these dangerous locations can help motorists drive with extra caution, and minimize the risk of accidents.

To assist in this goal, the Highway Safety Office of Virginia DMV has provided an online interactive accident locations map for free public access.

This web tool allows people in Virginia to identify where the incidence of crashes is higher in their neighborhoods and take steps to mitigate the risks. When you are traveling through a known dangerous road or intersection in Virginia Beach, Virginia, you can exercise more caution. At the same time, you can also warn new drivers about the potential hazards of driving in these locations.

Most Dangerous Roads and Intersections

Based on the data published by the VDOT (Virginia Department of Transportation), here are some of the most dangerous intersections in Virginia, which you should be aware of. VDOT’s information for the Hamptons Roads Construction District includes the following intersections in the “most dangerous” category. (The data shown was compiled from 2010 to 2012).

Holland Road and South Rosemont Road

Total number of accidents: 96

Total number of injuries and fatalities: 37

First Colonial Road and Virginia Beach Boulevard

Total number of accidents: 87

Total number of injuries and fatalities: 31

South Independence Boulevard and Lynnhaven

Total number of accidents: 60

Total number of injuries and fatalities: 31

South Rosemont Road and Lynnhaven Parkway

Total number of accidents: 57

Total number of injuries and fatalities: 27

Other studies have also found that South Rosemont Road and Holland Road is the most dangerous intersection with the highest incidence of accidents in Virginia Beach.

Virginia Beach – List of Dangerous Intersections

Intersections in Virginia Beach with the highest number of accidents in a year include:

  • Laurel Lane and First Colonial Road — 42 accidents
  • Lynnhaven Parkway and Norfolk Virginia Beach Expressway (I-264) — 38 accidents
  • Donna Drive and First Colonial Road — 35 accidents
  • Virginia Beach Boulevard and First Colonial Road — 31 accidents
  • Virginia Beach Boulevard and North Great Neck Road — 30 accidents
  • Virginia Beach Boulevard and Norfolk Virginia Beach Expressway (I-264) — 29 accidents
  • Pacific Avenue and 21st Street — 27 accidents
  • Pacific Avenue and 25th Street — 23 accidents
  • North Birdneck Road and Chinquapin Lane — 23 accidents
  • Virginia Beach Boulevard and North Birdneck Road — 23 accidents
  • Laskin Road and Regency Drive — 23 accidents
  • Norfolk Virginia Beach Expressway (Interstate 264 or I-264) Exit and North Birdneck Road — 22 accidents
  • Pacific Avenue and 16th Street — 21 accidents
  • Pacific Avenue and 30th Street — 19 accidents
  • Cypress Avenue and 21st Street — 19 accidents
  • Pacific Avenue and 34th Street — 18 accidents
  • Cypress Avenue and Virginia Beach Boulevard — 12 accidents

Drive Responsibly on All Roads and Intersections

Motorists in Virginia Beach should understand that accidents may occur at any road or intersection due to a number of reasons. Any automobile accident can lead to severe injuries or even cause the death of a victim. The list of most dangerous roads and intersections in Virginia Beach is only indicative of the higher statistical probability of crashes occurring in these locations. Drivers should exercise a high level of caution and follow the safety rules anywhere in Virginia.

Speak to an Experienced Personal Injury Attorney in Virginia

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