A three-vehicle crash in Robeson County, North Carolina (NC), on the afternoon of November 10, 2017, claimed the lives of three people. The deadly collision happened west of Lumberton on NC 711 near the intersection with Pine Log Road.



Highway Patrol troopers got the call at 2:55 pm. They determined that a driver who was headed west on two-lane NC 711 was traveling at a high rate of speed and lost control before crossing the center line of the highway. An eastbound car struck the out-of-control vehicle, which then continued on into a second eastbound car.

The drivers of all three vehicles died. Investigators released very little additional information about this wreck on NC 711 other than noting that one person was airlifted from the scene. It is unclear whether the transported victim was a passenger in one of the vehicles or a driver who did not survive his or her injuries despite receiving treatment.

The known facts of the fatal multivehicle crash in Robeson County do point to three important lessons. The first is to stay in one’s own lane. Where the wreck occurred, NC 711 is divided by a solid yellow line and a broken yellow line. The solid line means “no passing,” and the dashes say, “Stay to the right of me.” Crossing those lane markers sets the stage for a collision with oncoming traffic.

The second lesson is to obey the speed limit. Highway engineers design roadways with maximum safe speeds in mind. Exceeding those design limits increases the chances for losing control and crashing. According to the North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles, speeding played a role in 30.7 percent of the fatal crashes in the state during 2015. Out of all the wrecks reported to the DMV that year, 84,919 involved at least one speeding driver. Those speed-related wrecks resulted in 414 deaths and 30,801 injuries.

Last, as my Carolina wrongful death attorney colleagues and I know from helping grieving families after similar tragedies, the deceased victims’ loved one have strong grounds for filing insurance claims. Even though the speeding driving who lost control and crossed the center line also died, that person’s auto insurance policy will remain in effect until all the legal matters stemming from the wreck are resolved. Partnering with an experienced and caring plaintiff’s lawyer will help the families focus on their own healing while a dedicated ally deals with insurance company representatives.