A man in his 40s died after getting hit by a car and a van while attempting to cross a street in Henrico County, Virginia (VA). The first driver to strike the pedestrian stopped and tried to provide first aid, but the second driver never slowed down after hitting the already injured man.



The crash happened just south of the intersection of Brook Road and Hillard Avenue at around 9:30 pm on May 27, 2018. The pedestrian died at the scene after the hit-and-run driver drove off. Witnesses described the fleeing vehicle as a white work van with a silver bumper. Anyone who may know the location of the van or the identity of the van driver is being asked to pass on an anonymous tip with the Henrico police by calling (804) 501-5000 or with Crime Stoppers at (804) 780-1000. Information can also be shared online by going to www.7801000.com.

The stretch of Brooks Road where this deadly hit-and-run collision occurred has seen three similar tragedies since November 2017. The roadway lacks sidewalks and crosswalks, but it is controlled by four-way stoplights at most intersections. Drivers must yield right of way to people crossing at corners, but a posted speed limit of 45 mph along most of Brook Road could make it difficult for drivers to slow and stop in time to avoid colliding with pedestrians who are still in intersections after a signal change.

The exact circumstances of how the pedestrian who got killed on May 27 are not clear, but it does not appear that Henrico County police intend to charge the first driver who stayed on the scene. Finding the van driver will likely result in the issuance of hit-and-run charges. Virginia law makes it clear that all drivers have duties to stop after crashes, report the incidents to law enforcement and emergency medical personnel, and help victims to the degree possible. Failing to meet those duties can cause needless deaths, as appears to have happened on Brook Road.

As I recently wrote elsewhere on this website, “Last year, there were almost 6,000 pedestrians killed in this country and almost 100,000 injured. And those numbers increase each year. Studies show that hit-and-run accidents are the second leading cause of pedestrian deaths in this country.”

If the hit-and-run van driver is never identified and brought into custody, the family of the deceased pedestrian should consider partnering with a Virginia wrongful death attorney to explore their options for filing uninsured motorist claims with their loved one’s insurance company.