Woman Injured at Sam’s Club Receives $75,000 Settlement

A woman was walking through a Sam's Club when a large freezer door fell on her. She suffered a serious injury to her right shoulder as a result. This injury required surgery.

There are many issues in the personal injury case surrounding both liability and damages. The defense attorneys were trying to make a big deal out of the fact that my client had prior right shoulder injuries.  However, through depositions and speaking with my client's doctors, it was established that the injury she suffered prior to this accident was different than the injury she suffered as a result of the incident.  Accordingly, we were able to settle the case for $75,000.

During depositions, a lot of information came out that was not previously disclosed.  At the beginning of the case, the individuals who worked at Sam's Club were making statements that they were unaware of any dangerous condition surrounding the door. 

After taking the deposition of several witnesses, it was clear that numerous employees were aware of the condition of the door and had made their managers aware of the issue. The store's negligence in repairing the door when they should have was a key factor in my client's shoulder injury.

Even though we were able to obtain a decent recovery, it will never be enough to correct the pain and suffering my client endured due to this preventable accident

Hopefully Sam's Club will learn their lesson from this particular case and be more careful about dangerous conditions when they are informed of them by customers and workers. 

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