Virginia Sees Spike in Motorcycle Accident Fatalities | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

So far this year, there has been 216 motorcycle crashes in the state of Virginia. These crashes have caused the deaths of 81 victims. That is a sharp spike from this time last year when there were 57 motorcycle accident fatalities.

Although the weather is getting colder, there are still many motorcycle enthusiasts on the road. In fact, the DMV says they believe the reason for the sharp increase in fatalities is the longer periods of warmer weather we have.

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It is important for all vehicle drivers to share the road; however, many drivers fail to heed that advice, often leading to tragic consequences. Motorcyclists are particularly vulnerable to catastrophic injuries when involved in an accident because there is no protection around them that other types of vehicles provide and not safety features.




Be a Responsible Driver

Safety advocates recommend the following tips drivers can take when driving around motorcycles:

  • Keep a safe distance between you and the motorcycle. A motorcycle’s speed can be hard to judge when you are in a larger vehicle. You also cannot always rely on brake lights on the bike since the motorcyclist may also slow down by downshifting instead of braking. The motorcyclist may also need to make sudden stops because another vehicle cuts in front of them.
  • The size of a motorcycle makes them difficult to see, especially in your own vehicle’s blind spots. Always double check when you are making a turn or changing lanes to make sure a motorcycle is not close by.
  • You would not try to squeeze past a vehicle in the same lane. Do not do it with a motorcycle. Just because they are smaller, do not crowd them. Give them the full lane and do not crowd them.
  • Some drivers think that when a motorcyclist is swerving as he or she is driving, they are showing off or taking risks. Most likely, they are avoiding potholes or some type of road debris. While hitting a small pothole may not even be felt by someone in a passenger vehicle, hitting one on a motorcycle can cause the driver to lose control of the bike and crash. If you see a motorcycle swerving, make sure to give them plenty of room.

Contact a Virginia Accident Attorney

Unfortunately, many drivers will not heed the advice of sharing the road with motorcycles. If you or a loved one has been injured in a motorcycle crash, contact one of our skilled Virginia motorcycle accident attorneys to find out what type of legal recourse you may have for your pain and losses.