Confidential Settlements for Injuries and Wrongful Death Following Virginia Beach Head-On | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

What Happened

Our personal injury and wrongful death clients were a husband and wife who came to Virginia Beach, VA, to visit family. A wrong-way driver collided head-on with their vehicle on I-264, leaving the woman injured and the man dead.

A state police investigation and eyewitness reports confirmed that the at-fault driver crossed the interstate median before continuing to travel westbound in the eastbound lanes. The resulting collision inflicted deadly injuries on our male client.

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Our female client, who was in the front passenger seat, sustained less-serious injuries. Still, she needed to spend a night in the hospital. She also received ongoing medical treatment after returning home.

Key Legal Strategy

The woman who survived the crashed hired our Virginia Beach-based plaintiff’s law firm to handle both her personal injury claims and her husband’s wrongful death claims. Both claimants sought compensation for medical expenses and emotional trauma. The wrongful death case also included requests for compensation for a number of noneconomic losses.

Reaching settlements or winning trials would depend on gathering, organizing and presenting convincing evidence that the driver named as the defendant caused the head-on collision. Our attorney gathered such proof by conducting taped depositions of the defendant driver, a Virginia state trooper who took a lead role in the crash investigation and several individuals who witnessed the deadly crash.

As evidence against their policyholder piled up, the insurance company opened settlement negotiations in both the personal injury and wrongful death cases. The offers made by the insurance company were deemed acceptable, and our surviving client was able to receive compensation without going to a trial.

Due to requests by parties to these cases, the settlement amounts and many of the details are being kept confidential.