Large Insurance Settlement Secured for Virginia Beach Mother and Baby Injured by a Negligent Driver | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

What Happened

Our Virginia personal injury client was a young mother who suffered numerous injuries when an out-of-control driver crashed into her vehicle on the interstate in Virginia Beach. The collision occurred at 55 mph and with enough force to spin our client’s car around more than 360 degrees.

The seriously injured woman’s 9-month-old son was also in the car. Fortunately, he was properly secured in a rear-facing safety seat in the back seat of the vehicle and suffered only minor bruising.

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Key Legal Strategy

The at-fault driver’s insurance company agreed that its policyholder acted negligently and caused the crash in which our client and her baby were injured. Despite this, the insurer offered only a very low settlement. Our Virginia personal injury lawyer then threatened to take the case to court, and the insurance company started to act seriously.

Based on the extent of the mother’s injuries, the medical bills she accumulated while receiving treatment for those crash-related injuries, and the pain and suffering inflicted by the accident, our Virginia personal injury lawyer was able to secure her client a total settlement of $18,000.

The staff attorney who handled this Virginia Beach car accident case had recently given birth to her own child. In addition to knowing the law, she understood the terror her client felt when an out-of-control driver slammed into her car and threated the life of her baby. That personal connection redoubled our attorney’s commitment to achieving the best outcome for her client.

Court: Virginia Beach Circuit Court, Virginia Beach, VA

Staff: Staff attorney