Passenger Killed in Multi-Vehicle Wreck on I-64 in Norfolk, VA Results in Confidential Settlement for Estate | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

Our Virginia Beach personal injury law firm represented the estate of a young woman who lost her life in a car collision that occurred in Norfolk, Virginia (VA).  An unidentified driver reportedly cut off a second vehicle as it entered the right-hand lane of Interstate 64 East in Norfolk. I-64 is one of the most heavily traveled, and often congested, highways in the South Hampton Roads region of Virginia. It services travelers to and from Chesapeake, Portsmouth, Norfolk, Newport News, Williamsburg, Richmond, etc. 

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When the unidentified car driver initiated the collision, the driver of the second car lost control, proceeded to cross I-64 and struck a vehicle that was carrying our client (a passenger).  The impact of the collision resulted in catastrophic injuries that led to the death of our client several days later. As you can imagine, this was a devastating loss of life for her family and friends. In the blink of an eye, this young woman, who had her whole life ahead of her, was killed due to the reckless actions of an unidentified car driver who did not even have the courtesy to stop and check on the people involved in the collision.

Estate Takes Legal Action

Our Norfolk, VA personal injury law firm was retained by the estate of the young woman.  In these scenarios, our first efforts were to try to locate the unidentified car driver whose actions set off this chain of tragic events resulting in the terrible car wreck.  We canvassed the businesses near the site of the collision in an effort to determine if any surveillance cameras happened to record the crash.  These efforts were unsuccessful.  We also retained an investigative agency and ran ads in the Virginia Pilot, a local newspaper of the Tidewater Virginia area, in an effort to locate the driver. Unfortunately, all of these efforts were unsuccessful.

When a Negligent Driver Cannot Be Located, Do Not Give Up Hope

Our legal team was able to identify several car insurance policies that included uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage (a.k.s. UM/UIM coverage) that covered passengers harmed in these types of car collisions.  The insurance carriers for the identified vehicles involved in this fatal collision (i.e. the car that collided with our client’s vehicle, the car carrying our client, and the car insurance policy for our client) all tendered their policy limits leading to a confidential resolution of the claims prior to initiating litigation, such as in the Norfolk or Virginia Beach Circuit Court.

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