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Settlement Secured for Client Seriously Injured in Accident Caused by Motorist Evading Police in Nags Head

Our client was leaving a shopping center in Nags Head, North Carolina (NC). It was the middle of the morning of a sunny week of the day. Our client turned left with the objective of heading north on a bypass. When our client completed the turn out of the shopping center, they noticed a car was heading toward him in the opposite lane of travel being pursued at a high rate of speed by law enforcement. The operator of the vehicle that was evading police lost control and crashed into our client's automobile. 
The other driver who was evading police and caused the collision was subsequently arrested by police and charged with several offenses, including a DWI. Our team of Nags Head car accident lawyers discovered from the accident report from law enforcement (along with our own investigative efforts) that the other motorist's vehicle was owned by a relative. 

Injuries from Accident Require Surgery to Repair

The accident was severe and our client suffered injuries that necessitated transport to the ER at the Outer Banks Hospital for medical treatment. Our client suffered multiple injuries to their foot and ankle. They were treated by an orthopedist who initially recommended conservative care. Unfortunately, this type of treatment did not relieve our client’s persistent pain. As a result, the orthopedist recommended our client undergo surgery to repair the damage caused as a result of the Nags Head car accident. However, our client was unable to immediately undergo surgery, so the orthopedist prepared a report identifying the type of surgery recommended to address our client’s injuries, along with the anticipated cost. This report was critically important to our client's personal injury claim since it enabled Randy to include these future medical expenses in our client's damages claim.

Pursuing Financial Restitution for the Harms and Losses Inflicted by the Reckless Driver Evading Police

Randy attempted to reach a settlement with the other driver's insurance company, but those negotiations did not bear fruit. As a result, Randy filed a personal injury lawsuit and named both the reckless driver and their relative who owned the vehicle involved in the accident. Randy sought both compensatory and punitive damages.
While the case was pending, the reckless driver who was named in the lawsuit passed away while in Maryland. An attorney based in Maryland worked with Randy and our Nags Head legal team to open an estate for the decedent and have the estate substituted as the named defendant in our client's case. 


Prior to our client's case going to trial, Randy was able to negotiate an amicable settlement for a confidential amount.
Case: A. Smith v Fessler et al
Amount: Confidential
Court: Dare County Superior Court
Firm Attorney: Randy Appleton
Staff: B. Wyatt

Confidential Settlement

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