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Alcohol and Drug Testing Is a Must for Commercial Truck Driving Following Crashes

Any measurable amount of alcohol or controlled substances in a driver’s system can impair that person’s physical and mental performance. According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, a blood alcohol concentration as low as .02 makes it more difficult to visually track moving vehicles and reduces the ability to multitask. Imagine what that means…

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A Virginia Personal Injury Lawyer Shares Experts’ Advice on Preventing Crashes Between Motorcycles and Tractor-Trailers

  An in-depth analysis of police reports on crashes involving motorcycles and one other vehicle revealed that 6-8 percent of fatal wrecks involved large trucks such as 18-wheelers, other types of tractor-trailers, haulers and construction equipment. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration study also found that motorcycle riders were overwhelming likely to die in collisions…

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