AndroGel Heart Attack - FAQ | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

Possibly. Family members who believe their loved one died as a result of taking medications like AndroGel and Axiron to treat low-testosterone (Low-T) are filing wrongful death lawsuits across the country. Low-testosterone medications have been linked to an increased risk of heart attack and stroke, and virtually every day there are more reports of men who were seriously injured or died after taking prescription drugs like Axiron and AndroGel. 

Low-T manufacturers marketed these drugs as safe for nearly every man. After studies linked the drugs to an increased risk of heart attack, stroke, and blood clots, the Food and Drug Administration initiated an investigation into their safety. Based on this information, families are filing lawsuits claiming Low-T manufacturers should have warned men about the risks of taking Low-T drugs.

If you think your loved one died as a result of taking a low-testosterone medication, you should consult an experienced wrongful death attorney. He or she can gather facts from you about your loved one’s death to help determine whether you have a claim against the manufacturer.