Common FAQs After a Virginia Car Accident

Many people who are involved in a car accident often feel pangs of panic in the moments that follow the crash. This can make it hard to concentrate and think clearly about taking the appropriate steps. The driver may have passengers and is concerned they are injured, or they may be focused on the damage done to their vehicle. With all of the activity swirling around them, as well as the rushes of adrenaline surging, they may not even be aware that they have sustained an injury.

No matter what the circumstances of the crash, however, it is important that certain steps are taken by a car accident victim in order to preserve their right to pursue legal action against the party who caused the crash and the resulting losses. With that in mind, the Virginia car accident attorneys from Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp offer the following information on actions to avoid if you have been involved in a crash.

What if the other driver blames me for the crash even though it is their fault?

No matter how upset you may be, do not engage in a verbal dispute with the other driver, even if they are attempting to bait you. Blaming each other, arguing, and anything you may say or do can later be used against you should there be legal action later on. Do your best to remain calm and not engage in any acrimonious dialogue with the other driver. Make sure to contact law enforcement to report the accident. Police will also help diffuse any potential disputes.

I don’t think I’ve been hurt. Do I still have to go to the doctor?

It is not uncommon for symptoms of injuries to be delayed. This is especially true because of the mental state that many car accident victims are in at the accident scene. That adrenaline that is pumping away can also “mask” any pain that you would normally feel following an injury. It isn’t until a few hours later, as the victim calms down, that they suddenly realize there are signs something is wrong. There are also injuries that may have hidden symptoms, such as internal bleeding and internal organ damage.

Not only is it dangerous to a victim’s health to delay seeking medical attention, but it can also cause damage to a personal injury case. The other party’s insurance company’s attorneys could try to say the victim is faking their injuries or their injuries were sustained after the car accident, not because of it.

Can’t I just file the claim myself without a lawyer?

If you do not have a Virginia car accident attorney advocating for you and ensuring your rights are protected, there is a high chance that the at-fault driver’s insurance company will try to avoid paying the amount your claim is actually worth. They may even try to deny the claim by blaming you for the crash. This is why it is critical to have your own attorney.

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