Cut Ureter FAQ - Injury During Gynecologic Surgery | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

Some common gynecologic surgeries include the use of a hysteroscope. Unfortunately, if a doctor does not exercise reasonable care during surgery he can cut, perforate, or even sever the ureter or other organs. Patients with a nicked ureter, perforated bowel, or perforated colon can become very sick or even die from the injury.  Correcting this dangerous condition requires additional surgery that can lead to steep medical bills and lost wages during recovery.

Your doctor may have been negligent in damaging your ureter and failing to diagnose and treat the injury in a timely manner. Our medical malpractice attorneys have successfully litigated surgical error cases and obtained substantial settlements for our clients. For example, Jim Lewis negotiated a $400,000 settlement for a client with a ureter injury.

The statute of limitations to file a medical malpractice claim is two years in Virginia and three years in North Carolina. Treatment, recovery, and an often slow return to normal life can take a long time. If you believe your doctor was careless during or after your surgery, and you are wondering whether you should file a lawsuit, don’t wait to contact a knowledgeable lawyer to help you evaluate your claim.