FAQs About North Carolina Catastrophic Injury Cases

Far too many victims of vehicle accidents end up with catastrophic injuries that forever change their lives. The American Medical Association defines a catastrophic injury as one which causes severe injury to the spine or the brain, but in the law, this definition can be much broader. In many cases, these injuries can result in amputation, blindness, paralysis, or death.

Victims who suffer catastrophic injuries in accidents caused by the negligence of another party or parties are entitled to pursue damages for the losses these injuries have caused. A North Carolina injury attorney can help victims and their families get the financial justice they deserve.

How Are Damages Calculated in Catastrophic Injury Cases?

While every case is different and has its own set of factors that will determine how much financial compensation the victim and/or their family should receive, there are certain factors that are similar in the majority of cases that a North Carolina personal injury attorney knows well. These include:

  • The age of the victim
  • The earning capacity of the victim
  • How many people relied on the victim for support
  • Whether the injuries resulted in scarring or disfigurement
  • The amount of future medical care needed
  • The health of the victim before the accident

When a victim has sustained a catastrophic injury, their future medical expenses are usually astronomical. This is a significant factor that needs to be considered when calculating an injury award. When a victim does not have an N.C. accident attorney advocating for them, they may accept the first offer the insurance company offers because it sounds like such a large amount of money and they may be struggling financially because the injury has left them unable to work.

But it is critical to know that once you accept the offer from the insurance company, it ends the case and you cannot go back at a later date if the medical expenses end up exceeding the amount you received in the settlement. Your accident attorney will be able to calculate the future financial costs and work those amounts into the final settlement.

Is There a Statute of Limitations in Pursuing an Injury Claim?

No matter how solid a case you may have against the at-fault party, it is crucial you file your claim before the statute of limitations runs out. North Carolina law only allows so much time and once that time has run out so too has the opportunity to file a claim. Your attorney will be able to evaluate your case and determine what the statute is in your case.

Contact a North Carolina Personal Injury Law Firm

If a family member has suffered catastrophic injuries caused by the negligence of another party, contact a North Carolina personal injury attorney. The legal team at Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp has successfully represented many accident victims and we understand how stressful these injuries can be for victims and their families, not only dealing with the uncertainty of your loved one’s health but also the financial worry about how you will be able to take care of their medical and personal needs. We are available to meet and discuss the circumstances of your case and advice you on what your legal options are and how we can help.