How serious is a concussion as a brain injury? | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

Health care professionals currently have little ability to predict how serious a concussion will turn out to be. While everyone should now understand that a concussion is more than “getting your bell rung,” few recognize that the headaches, dizziness, slowed thinking and poor sleep a concussion produces can last for months or years. Further, suffering one concussion puts a person at increased risk for suffering another one whose debilitating symptoms stick around longer and disrupt everyday activities to an even greater extent.

As Virginia personal injury lawyers, my law firm colleagues and I advise every client who believes he or she has suffered a concussion to see a brain injury specialist and to follow through on any recommendations for therapy or follow-up visits. This is essential because the long-term effects of a concussion that seemed to have cleared up quickly can persist and worsen if left unaddressed.