What should I do if I suspect nursing home abuse or neglect? | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

Given that your family member’s health and safety is at risk, your suspicions should be investigated as soon as possible. Talk to the nursing staff and anyone else at the facility in the position to witness your family member’s care.

Request copies of all records related to care, and ask for any other documentation that the nursing home can provide. If you are not convinced the nursing home is taking proper care of your family member, bring your concerns to the attention of the nursing home administrator. 

To decide if you should bring a claim against a nursing home for abuse or neglect, it is necessary to determine if your family member suffered some type of injury as the result of poor care. You should seek the guidance of an attorney, like those working for Shapiro, Washburn & Sharpwho possess experience with nursing home cases. They can help decide whether or not your family member has a legitimate claim.

Once we are involved, we can review all available records and take formal, sworn statements of the nursing home staff and administration, as needed, to find out if the elements of a legal claim exist, given the circumstances.

If your family member has a claim, we will continue to investigate the facts specific to their care and establish, by reviewing the laws and the standards that apply to nursing homes, if your family member’s care is substandard. After that, we will assess if the injury is directly related to the substandard care.