I was in a car wreck in North Carolina (NC)and I don't know the name of the insurance company for the driver who caused the collision because he claimed that he did not have his card with him at the accident scene. What now? | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

Accident lawyers representing people who get hurt on the road regularly encounter the situation where our client does not know the insurance information for the person who caused the wreck.  We can help figure this out for you.  There are several situations that are common including that you got taken away by an ambulance to the emergency room at the hospital so quickly because of your serious injuries that no one ever gave you the insurance information for the person who was negligent in causing the wreck.  The second situation is that the defendant, at fault driver, did not have any insurance but was afraid to admit that to the police and so just said they didn’t know the name at the time.  Finally, a third very common problem that I’ve seen over my 20 years of doing motor vehicle accidents is that the trucker or out-of-state motorist has some obscure insurance that you have never heard of.

As your injury lawyer, I can help locate the auto insurance of the bad guy, or as quickly as possible determine for you if there isn’t any.  This is part of what you’re paying me to do.  We have a database of insurance companies so we may be able to find the insurance companythe trucking company said it had on its vehicle even if it is a small, out-of-state company and not the usual State Farm, Allstate, Nationwide, GEICO, USAA, or Progressive.  Also, a letter from the lawyer to the driver who struck you, or his company if he was driving on the job, will quickly get their attention and make them give us the correct insurance information. 

If it turns out the negligent driver didn’t have any insurance, then we quickly try to establish that fact for you, in which case we may have to go to your insurance company’s uninsured motorist coverage to step in the shoes as if the other guy’s insurance.

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