If I am seriously injured by a product that someone else bought and it's not within the written warranty period, but I know that it's fairly new, can I bring a faulty product claim for my injuries? | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

You are not limited to the written warranty timeframe, but that depends on the nature of your injury. Faulty product liability law requires that all products have certain implied warranties, like that they are fit for the normal and usual purpose. Therefore, even if the product only had a 90 day written warranty, and within the very first year it completely fails for the normal purpose of use, causing serious injury, you should consult a faulty product injury lawyer. Many consumers believe they are strictly limited to a written warranty, but a product cannot be completely faulty, or cannot be negligently designed. This area of the law is fairly complicated and you should consult with a product liability injury lawyer at our law firm for a free evaluation.