Low-T FAQ - Prior Heart Issues and Its Effect on Low T Drug Injury Claim | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

It’s impossible to determine whether you have a claim without discussing all the details surrounding your use of Low-T, but the fact that you had a prior history of heart disease does not automatically mean you don’t have a claim.

A recent study showed that younger men with a history of heart disease who took a Low-T drug were twice as likely to suffer a heart attack after taking the drug. This means that younger men with a history of heart disease should obviously compare that risk to the possible benefits of Low-T treatment before taking the drug. If the pharmaceutical companies that make Low-T drugs had adequately warned men of that risk, you probably wouldn’t have a claim.

Many people think the advertisements for Low-T glossed over the risks of heart attack, though, which may have caused many men to take the drug without even knowing they were much more likely to suffer a heart attack. This study’s results are part of the reason the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is investigating FDA approved Low-T products to see if they are as safe as the manufacturers originally claimed.