My teenage son was recently in a car accident in Chesapeake, Virginia and I was wondering, what are the basic rules of the road in Virginia for the driver who caused the accident? | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

The law in Virginia, written in the Virginia Model Jury Instructions book states, “The driver of the vehicle has a duty to use ordinary care:


1.     To keep a proper lookout

2.     To keep his vehicle under proper control

3.     To operate his vehicle at a reasonable speed under the existing conditions”

The jury instructions are the law as would be given by a Virginia judge to a jury in a Virginia personal injury lawsuit. The driver of the vehicle has a duty to keep proper lookout when driving. He/she needs to see what there is to be seen. Every driver must keep their vehicle under control meaning they are not supposed to hit other cars. The third basic rule is to drive at a proper speed given traffic, the weather and other conditions.

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