Q: If I suffer an accident on the job that leaves me paralyzed in some way, am I limited to Worker's Compensation, or is there a right to sue a different company for negligence? | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

You would definitely be entitled to Worker’s Compensation for an on-the-job accident that leaves any paralysis, but the question often asked is whether there is the right to sue a different company under negligence law where you can obtain a jury trial and all sorts of damages for the injuries you suffer-not limited like under workers compensation. Worker’s Compensation provides medical benefits and a percentage of lost wages, but does not give a jury trial and has ceilings on the amount of damages that can be recovered. On the other hand, if your accident was caused by negligence of a third-party besides your own employer, or because of a faulty product on the job, a personal injury lawyer can investigate what is called a third-party negligence action, with a jury trial. You should obtain a confidential consultation so we can evaluate whether there is a third-party negligence claim available.