Q: If I suffer an amputated finger, thumb, arm or leg on the job, is there the right to sue a third-party, or am I limited to Worker's Compensation only? | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

If a body part like a finger or thumb is traumatically amputated at work, there is not only a Worker’s Compensation claim, but if the accident is caused by a defective part, or faulty equipment that was sold or provided by a different third-party (meaning not provided by your own employer) a personal injury lawyer may bring a negligence law claim against that negligent third-party. The right to bring a third-party negligence claim is in addition to a workers compensation claim. The experienced personal injury lawyers at this law firm have analyzed a number of such situations and we have routinely handled what we call third-party negligence claims, where there was also a workers compensation claim for the client. Please contact us for a free confidential evaluation of your potential claim.