Q: If I suffer electrocution or electric shock at work, can I file a lawsuit or is it only a Worker's Compensation claim? | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

 It is usually a Worker’s Compensation claim if it happens at work, but if the electric shock was caused by a third-party besides your own employer, there may be a negligence claim in addition to the workers compensation claim.  Personal injury lawyers call this a “third-party case”. This requires careful analysis as to whether the cause of the electric shock arose from negligence of another party besides your own employer and we would be happy to evaluate this type claim. The firm has handled a number of serious electric shock injury cases and knows how to develop the case, and the types of experts that are necessary to prove these electric shock/electrocution cases.  If you have questions, our personal injury lawyers provide free, confidential consultations and can evaluate your claim so fill in a quick contact form or call us toll-free.