Should someone take photos and get phone numbers at the scene of the accident? | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

Yes. You or your passengers are likely going to have a cell phone with a digital camera built-in. Whomever is not seriously injured needs to take pictures of the damage to the car that caused the wreck, and some pictures of your car. Disappearing witnesses are a huge problem in car accident injury cases. Police officers do a good job of responding to the crash, but if they know that the at fault driver has given a statement they are generally not concerned about locating other witnesses that may support the magnitude of the car crash or the issues of who was at fault. If you are able to get around, try to get a phone number of any witness who is milling about the scene. Once they get in that car and leave, you are likely never going to find their phone number. If you have no access to a pen simply call your own cell phone and leave yourself a voice message with their phone number or license plate number or both.

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