What are issues a NC car accident attorney can address? | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

Your car accident attorney can handle all the documents that need to be filed and processed in your case, making sure that any statute of limitations deadline is met. He will also handle all communication with the insurance company’s adjusters and attorneys. Your attorney will thoroughly investigate your accident, including working with any accident reconstruction experts, if necessary.

A car accident attorney can also determine the exact amount of damages you may be entitled to. If you have suffered long-term or permanent disabilities from the accident, your attorney will also work with experts to determine what your future financial losses will be in order to make sure you receive compensation.

Once your attorney has prepared your case, he will then proceed with negotiations with the insurance company to try to settle the case and avoid litigation. If necessary, however, your car accident attorney will argue your case to a jury to get you the best possible award amount under the circumstances of your case.