What are some mistakes that vehicle owners make when it comes to vehicle maintenance? | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

Premium Fuel: Most of the vehicles that are manufactured today are made to run on regular fuel, which is 87 octane. According to the Federal Trade Commission, unless the vehicle manufacturer says that higher octane is required for a vehicle, there is no benefit in paying for a higher price, premium fuels. More expensive fuel does not mean a vehicle will operate more efficiently.

Tire Pressure: Many vehicle owners make the mistake of gauging the tire pressure by looking at tire sidewalls. However, they should be checking what the required tire pressure with the vehicle manufacturer. Having the correct tire pressure not only improves fuel efficiency, but is critical when it comes to safety. Vehicle owners should make it a habit of checking tire pressure once a month. Pressure should also be checked if there have been any extreme weather fluctuations, as this can also affect the pressure.

Maintenance for New Vehicles: Some new vehicle owners are under the misconception that because a vehicle is new, it does not need regular maintenance. The truth is that all vehicles – no matter how new or old – need routine air filter replacements, oil changes, tire rotations, and more. Ignoring these vehicle needs can lead to bigger repair bills and risks of vehicle crashes.